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Blue Beetle is the new movie coming to theaters next week from WB and DC Comics. Funko brings us some new Funko Pops related to the movie. The base set of pieces are Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes and one of the villains from the movie Conrad Carapax.

There are also 3 exclusive versions of Blue Beetle, each with variations of the armor. This is good to know before you buy, especially if you plan to only purchase 1 version of Blue Beetle for your collection or display. The first news I had that these were at retail was a Facebook post by local retailer Toy Vault, located in the Warwick Mall in Warwick, RI. I was not convinced that the 3 pieces displayed were the only 3 made. It just did not seem like enough pieces for a movie. A quick google search took me to eBay. There I learned of the other pieces, the exclusives.  The base version of Blue Beetle has an insectoid appendage on each side.

Target has an exclusive with a shield and no appendages. Target Exclusive Link

Funko has their own exclusive with a gun and unique appendages. Funko Shop Exclusive Link

I chose the GameStop exclusive with an energy blaster. Game Stop Exclusive Link. I’m calling it an energy blaster because the character frequently creates such weapons in the comics and that is what it looks like to me.  Here it is.

Be aware that the exclusives usually cost a few dollars more that a normal Funko Pop. I think these days I normally pay 12.99 each. I think this one was 14.99. the total with tax was 16.04.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  If you do not take these out of the box, you miss seeing the detail in the sculpting of the back of the piece.  Boy does this remind me of the face hugger from Aliens.

Knowledge is power my friends. Now you know of the different versions. May this help you go forth and acquire the version(s) you want most.  Remember, the Blue Beetle movie hits theaters on August 18th!

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