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If adventure has a name…it must be Indiana Jones and if adventure needs a new jacket it must be from US Wings. US Wings is a veteran owned company that makes leather jackets and military accessories. They are a Lucasfilm official licensee tasked with recreating jackets based on everybody’s favorite globe-trotting archaeologist, Indiana Jones. They have an amazing collection of jackets and accessories for Indy that cater to the most die-hard of fans. Today I’ll be taking a look at their Indy jacket for kids.

Last year my son Zorro was diagnosed with autism, which explained a lot of his behavior and helped me understand him better. One characteristic that was made clear to me was how children with autism tend to have intense, highly-focused interests which made a lot of sense because Zorro has one that is ever present in our household, Dr. Jones. My son can be found humming or straight-up belting out the iconic John Williams score, to the point that you can play music cues and he’ll tell what scene they are from. He says he wants to grow up to be an archaeologist and aspires to one day meet Harrison Ford. He regularly dresses up in Indy attire, dressing up like him for Halloween in 2021, his Indiana Jones themed birthday party in 2022, pretty much every time he goes to Disneyland, and now thanks to US Wings he has the perfect jacket to continue his adventures.

Made of vintage cowhide leather this jacket is extremely accurate to the films. Zorro was quite taken with it when he first saw it and couldn’t place exactly which film it was from. I told him it was from all of them and he went to grab one of his action figures to compare. The fit isn’t perfect but I got the jacket in a slightly larger size since I know he would want this jacket to last him for a while. He’ll definitely grow into and get as much use of it as possible.

Another great detail about the jacket, which is a detail included in all their Indy jackets, is the satin nylon map themed lining designed by Lucasfilm. This detail was a minor nitpick for my son since it wasn’t exactly like in the films. I told him that it was actually a really cool bonus. Also included is a list of all the films to date (Dial of Destiny is on there) and a fun bio of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. This definitely elevates the jacket to more than just a replica to a signature collector’s piece.

We also received a really cool Indy bag for kids and a baseball hat. They also make fedoras for kids and adults. I really like the baseball cap’s custom logo and design. My son prefers wearing fedoras (surprise, surprise) but he instantly loved this hat, which was great since it’s hard to get him to wear caps which are better for hot summer days instead of wool hats.

US Wings has put out a quality product that is pretty much one of a kind on the market. Disney has its own jackets in the parks but only come in adult sizes and don’t compare to the quality I’ve seen in the US Wings product line. My son will be set for his next few Halloween seasons and any other occasion he sees fit to dress up as his favorite movie character. This is one of my favorite new collectible pieces and it’s not even mine! If you have an equally Indy inclined child, this amazing piece can be purchased here.

If you want one for yourself, check out the rest of their amazing collection here.

Special thanks to US Wings for sending these products for review.

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